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Pédale Vite

DIY digital multi-FX pedalboard for guitar
Tu lattes la porte
De ton frigo
Tu dis « zut » à tes parents
Et tu pécho ton vélo
Pédale vite
Pédale vite
— JBHak


[English] [Français]

Pédale Vite is a multi-FX pedalboard for guitar or bass. This page contains the drawings and schematics to build the complete pedalboard. They are available in the Resource section below.

“Quick tour” video introduction 19 min, 122 MB, French with English subtitles.


These are the initial requirements on which I based my design:

No cost goal currently. I’ll try not to make explode the budget without compromising quality as possible.

Just to give an idea, regarding actual and potential features, I think we’re in the Pod HD X field.


All required documents and the source code are located on a GitHub repository. For convenience, building instructions and user manual are also browsable from here:

Building instructions

User manual

This is not a still project, I keep on updating it on a daily basis. I also think about a v2 for the hardware. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check this page regularly.

If anyone is interested by building their own Pédale Vite, please drop me a message. Hopefully we could be able to group component orders and possibly realize PCBs instead of protoboards if there is a demand.


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