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Pédale Vite

DIY digital multi-FX pedalboard for guitar
Tu lattes la porte
De ton frigo
Tu dis « zut » à tes parents
Et tu pécho ton vélo
Pédale vite
Pédale vite
— JBHak


This page contains the drawings and schematics to build a complete pedalboard. They are available in the Resource section below.


These are the initial requirements on which I based my design:

No cost goal currently. I’ll try not to make explode the budget without compromising quality as possible.

Just to give an idea, regarding actual and potential features, I think we’re in the Pod HD field.


All required documents and the source code are located on a GitHub repository. For convenience, building instructions and user manual are also browsable from here:

Building instructions

User manual

Pédale Vite is not a still project, I keep on updating it on a daily basis. I also think about a v2 for the hardware. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check this page regularly.

If anyone is interested by building their own Pédale Vite, please drop me a message. Hopefully we could be able to group component orders and possibly realize PCBs instead of protoboards if there is a demand.


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