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Laurent de Soras

Welcome, this ugly thing is my homepage. To browse, click on the tabs located on the top.


Picogen 2023-08-29

I built a signal generator called Picogen around a Raspberry RP2040 microcontroller used as a DAC. Full schematics and code included.

Daisy Seed 2023-06-09

I added a new section in the source code page with tools for the Daisy Seed, an embedded platform for audio processing.

Flight case 2023-01-23

Pas beaucoup de nouveautés dernièrement ! Je viens de concevoir et defabriquer un flight case pour Pédale Vite. Détails ici. Pendant ce temps je m’éternise sur une modification du logiciel interne qui me pemettra de placer facilement des simulateurs d’ampli en sortie sans interférer avec les programmes d’effets. À suivre…

C++ file templates 2022-06-02

I ported my file template generator for C++ source to a VSIX extension for VS2019, written in C#. It was previously a set of Visual Basic macros but worked only with VS2005.

ChickenDream 2022-04-11

ChickenDream is a new plug-in for Vapoursynth and Avisynth+. It emulates film grain using a realistic model, described in the following papers: here and here. It gives stunning results, especially with coarse grain, where usual grain generation algorithms fail hard. However the results have to be balanced with the highly CPU-intensive processing.

I also updated fmtconv, now using Vapoursynth API v4.

Cass&Tord 2022-04-02

Another music project: Cass&Tord. We recorded an EP earlier in January in Trash Palace Studio, it is now available on the band website.

Updates for fmtconv 2021-10-30

I spent the last few weeks updating fmtconv, notably by adding a plug-in for Avisynth+ and improving the HDR support.

Graoumf Tracker 2 r26 2021-07-27

Another Graoumf Tracker 2 update, this time with a surprise contribution from long-time user David L. So now there are at least two GT users across the world for this 25+ years-old piece of software.

Also fmtconv has been updated to r23.

Graoumf Tracker 2 r25 2021-03-14

Quick update for the very dusty Graoumf Tracker 2. JB/dDash asked me a functionnality to load dozens of samples in a single click.

More updates 2020-10-10

There is a new release of the HIIR library again (v1.32). I also released updated versions of the Dither (v1.28.0) filters set for AviSynth as well as the MVTools (v2.6.1.0) and AVSTP (v1.04).

HIIR library updated to v1.31 2020-07-15

The HIIR library now includes a function to desgin a half-band filter with a requirement on the group delay. This is useful to get integer group delay values (in samples) that can be easily compensated when mixing processed and unprocessed signals.

Nouvel article : Introduction aux filtres numériques à topologie préservée 2020-04-23

J’ai pondu un petit article sur la conception de filtres numériques modélisés à partir de circuits analogiques. Le sujet est évidemment très vaste et l’article en égratigne à peine la surface. Toutefois il devrait donner suffisamment d’outils, de méthodes et de pistes pour commencer à coder des filtres réalistes. Je voulais surtout présenter des méthodes alternatives à la BLT classique, tout en rendant compréhensible un sujet sur lequel il existe peu de ressources simples destinées aux novices, allant droit au but. C’est une sorte de marche intermédiaire entre le sol de ce bas monde et les annexes techniques très formalisées des simulateurs de circuits comme Spice ou Qucs.

HIIR library updated to v1.30 2020-03-13

For this Friday the 13rd, the HIIR library got a major update. It now supports double (64-bit float) operations. There are SSE2 and AVX implementations, thanks to Dario Mambro. I took the opportunity to add AVX-512 support, as well as missing parallel N-channel implementations for the Hilbert phaser. I improved a few things with the SSE and NEON single-channel resamplers, too. I checked compatibility and performances with the most recent compilers on Intel and ARM platforms.

Pédale Vite v2 2019-11-04

It’s been a while I was preparing this, and now I am proud to release Pédale Vite version 2. It includes a custom audio board, with high impedance inputs and fully balanced inputs and outputs, as well as a better latency. It is also much thiner, which is more convenient to use and carry. The display is bigger and of higher resolution, which means I could develop a more graphical-oriented user interface.

Sound of the Void 2019-08-14

It’s time to introduce my rock/grunge/punk/psyche band, Sound of the Void, with Alice (vocals, bass) and Greg (drums, synth). I’m playing the guitar. The band was founded in 2016. We currently have just a single track recorded (in our own studio) and released, but others will follow soon. We’re also doing gigs sometimes, in France at the moment.

Stay tuned!

HIIR library updated to v1.20 2019-06-23

After updating a few small things in HIIR while working on Pédale Vite, I realized that the published version was very old. So I brought everything together and released a new version of the library. What’s new? Arm NEON support, 4-channel SIMD processing, better support for modern compilers, C++11, etc. Enjoy!

Introduction video for Pédale Vite 2018-07-01

I did an introduction video to present Pédale Vite. It shows the main functionalities of this DIY pedalboard. 19 minutes, French dub with English subtitles. The download link for the video is in the Pédale Vite homepage, but Google worshippers can also find it on Youtube.

SplitMix 2017-11-08

Another guitar pedal build: SplitMix. It allows switching between two effect chains. It offers two modules: a splitter sending the signal into two audio paths, and a mixer combining their outputs to produce a single signal. The mixer can blend both chains or select one of them with the help of the footswitch. The pedal fits into a 1590BB enclosure and requires 9V power (or more).

English building instructions for Pédale Vite 2017-09-24

Building instructions for Pédale Vite have been translated to English. Now only the user manual requires a translation.

Aélis, an FX pedal for the voice 2017-08-23

Aélis is an effect pedal to process the voice. It was primarily designed with reverb in mind, but can achieve several other effects. Aélis is build around the Spin FV-1 DSP and contains a microphone preamplifier (but without phantom power). Building instructions (in English et en français) and all required resources included.

Pédale Vite was also updated more or less regularly since the previous news.

We’re getting closer 2016-12-31

Almost complete building instructions and user manual for Pédale Vite. There is now a Github repository for all the documentation and source code. There are a new effects and a some UI changes in the pedalboard itself.

Update 2016-07-30

A few additions for Pédale Vite, and a new Graoumf Tracker 2 version.

Pédale Vite 2016-04-10

(Sorry, French language ahead)
Je viens de me lancer dans un projet un peu fou et sérieusement chronophage : la conception et la réalisation de Pédale Vite, un pédalier multi-effets pour guitare électrique (ou basse, ou n’importe quoi d’autre qui fait du son). Je n’en suis encore qu’au tout début, mais j’espère bien aboutir à quelque chose d’utilisable. La page sera mise à jour sporadiquement en fonction des avancées ou des reculs.

fmtconv update 2016-03-08

fmtconv has been updated to r18 and now includes chromatic adaptation (primaries and reference white). Now this tool should be complete enough to accuratly convert video tracks between almost any standard.

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